Security Consulting

The Importance of Security Management Consulting

We’re here to help ensure that your organization is as secure as possible.

We’re here to ensure that your organization is as secure as possible. At Fuller Security Solutions, our priority is always to make sure your firm has comprehensive security so you’re able to keep conducting business with peace of mind. We take a holistic view of your current approach and use our findings to determine if you’ll be able to deter threats successfully.

Strong security is vital for any organization – especially if responding to an active situation. Security consultant services can give you access to industry-leading information and suggestions, helping you consistently counter both physical and digital threats. Contact the Fuller Security Solutions team today to learn how we could help your company.

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Expert Witness Testimony

By leveraging their expertise in security protocols and procedures, a Fuller security expert witness can offer valuable insights and guidance on a job or organization. They are capable of assessing security measures and identifying vulnerabilities. In legal proceedings, they can provide expert opinions and testimony that can significantly improve the accuracy and effectiveness of the case, ultimately leading to a fair and just outcome.

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Security Contract Negotiations

We work with you to understand your specific security needs and put together a contract that can take every requirement into account. This allows you to get the best possible deal from your security provider, including a wealth of dependable staff and helpful solutions that you’re always able to trust.

Firearm Consulting

We can help private security, law enforcement, and even military units determine the firearms which suit their mission best. Our team understands the complexities of firearms, including the correct training procedures and how to guarantee their safe use; we also educate your team on the need for regular weapons maintenance.

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Policy And Procedure Development

Our experts can help you assemble a comprehensive security policy that accommodates your business and use this to develop a set of coherent procedures fit for any scenario.


Security Policies

As security consultants, we can account for a range of possible threats which could affect your business – such as an aggressive customer or a cyber-attack. We work with you to figure out the right security policies and how to successfully implement them to protect your company and its employees.

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Organizational security

Our team can develop protocols for every possible situation, including workplace violence, an active shooter on the premises, data privacy issues, and much more. We always work to reduce the possibility of these scenarios and inform your internal team on how they can respond to security situations should they occur.


Asset Protection

It’s important that you keep your company’s sensitive assets safe, no matter the form they take – we refine the firm’s current processes to ensure this. With strong security policies at your side, you can safeguard your firm’s property and staff, so they stay safe in any situation that might emerge.

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Risk Mitigation

A key part of security consulting is identifying risks and mitigating them where possible by developing the right procedures. For example, we could implement intrusion detection systems that alert you to the presence of a network intruder. Our team can also train your staff on how to use these measures.

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Security Assessments

Our experts thoroughly assess your security procedures from an outside perspective, allowing us to notice any gaps that may be present. Your internal team could be unaware of the latest security flaws criminals exploit to enter networks, for example. Fuller Security Solutions can help your firm continuously improve its security.

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Security Planning

We use our experience from within the industry to implement proven and successful security solutions to help your team deter or even respond to an unfortunate situation. If we see room for improvement in your current approach, we provide you with advice and actionable suggestions to keep the firm safe.