Brittany Fuller

Corey Fuller

Senior Consultant / Owner

Corey started the company three years ago because he saw a need for security professionals who understood business principles. He believes that, even with 30+ years of service as a military or law enforcement officer, you can still fail your clients, especially if you don't know how security should mesh with your organization's strategy. 

Our goal at Fuller Security Solutions is to use security to better enhance our client's business processes by aligning them with their business strategies. Most security professionals can secure your assets, but what sets us apart is our ability to increase your organization's security without impeding your operations. All our employees have both business and security experience and know what it means to make a bottom line. If we aren't increasing your profitability or decreasing your liability, then we are not doing our jobs. 

Corey has been in the security industry for over ten years, including serving as a Military Police Officer before starting Fuller Security Solutions. His experience covers law enforcement, physical security, investigations, emergency response, and disaster relief operations for military installations, as well as security planning for high-level events like concerts (including for bands such as 3 Doors Down). 

His favorite part of the job is showing clients how security can enhance their operations and make them more successful. Helping a church develop a security program that allows for a welcoming atmosphere, or helping a business make more money by implementing cost-saving security measures, gives Corey the most fulfillment. He wants everyone to succeed, and helping others achieve is his favorite part of what Fuller Security Solutions does. "When you hire us, we are a part of your team, and your goals are our goals."